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Available all europe.


Comfortable beds with additional equipment!


There is a rental park with over 1000 beds available.


Also suitable for long term rental of 1 or even 5 years!


Domestic equipments:

-see below-



Ideal for events & events, as an interim solution, accommodation for seasonal workers, accommodation for students, emergency shelter, accommodation in case of fire and water damage, mobile hotel on events, accommodation for charitable organizations, backstage area lounge, area for artists, bands etc. uvm.




Model 1: 4 persons per trailer

 Domestic equipments:

- 4 bedrooms for 1 person each

- Kitchen

- Sitting area for 4 persons

- Bathroom with shower, toilet



Model 2: 8 persons per trailer

 Domestic equipments:

- 4 bedrooms for 2 person each

- Bathroom with shower, toilet



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